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Hedge Cutting/Trimming - Before & After Tree Felling/Pruning Crown Lifting - Before & After Commercial Grass Cutting Hedge Laying

Our Services

We can advise on specialised work in either conservation areas or trees with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and we can help with completing paperwork to apply for planning permission for TPO tree work.

Whether it's a one off maintenance task or annual garden maintenance in either a residential garden or the grounds of a commercial property Chris Stout’s Grounds Maintenance can give you a competitive price.

Types of Work Covered

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Trees - Reductions / Thinning / Lifting / Felling & Removal

From small fruit trees which requires annual pruning to a mature oak tree needing a canopy clean and dead wood removed or an out of control conifer which requires removal Chris Stouts Grounds Maintenance can take care of this for you. There are many different terms used when talking about maintenance tasks associated with trees listed below are just a few of the main ones we carry out.

Canopy Reductions: a reduction in the size of the tree can let in more light and is often a better solution as opposed to removal.

Canopy Clean/Dead Wood Removal: removing unwanted growth from the trunk, any rubbing/diseased branches and dead wood removal is beneficial to the health of the tree and more asthetically pleasing.

Canopy Thinning: thinning the canopy of the tree by 25% can allow more light through and is a healthier solution for the tree than a canopy reduction.

Canopy Lifting: removal of a selection of lower branches letting more light under the tree and allowing more headroom.

Felling/Removal: if none of the above solutions are feasible for your tree or situation then felling and removal may be the way forward also if trees have been planted to closely thinning them out allows the remainder more space to grow.

All our work is carried out to BS3998 Standards.

Logs can either be left or removed. Chipped waste is a versatile product and can be either taken away or left for use as mulch for around the garden.

Hedge Cutting/Trimming

From a small box hedge to a 12ft high conifer hedge we have the capability to tackle your hedge cutting needs and feel that the attention to detail is essential in creating the perfect garden.

Hedges lowered or cut back dependent on species. Some species don’t grow back from old wood others do so dependent on the plant species cutting the hedge back severely in order to gain back lost garden or to straighten the hedge could be the way forward.

Hedge laying to rejuvenate a tired, gappy and leggy hedge from household hedges to field boundaries keeping the existing plants and addition infill planting if required.

Woodland Management

Woodland management often involves cutting selected trees down this can benefit the woodland biodiversity allowing more light into the forest floor creating a greater variation in flora. Often timber can be harvested and under planting carried out to supplement the natural regeneration.

Shrubs Maintenance

Cutting trimming pruning or removal, be it a highly prized specimen Acer, a cloud pruned conifer or several shrubs within an herbaceous border.

Grass Cutting and Lawn Care

Annual treatments, scarifying, lawn fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, new lawn seeding or turf and regular cutting of fine lawns and monthly commercial grass cutting.

Garden Clearance and Soil Preparation

If your garden is out of control or you have just become tired with the current planting scheme we can help.

Weed Control

Using selective or non-selective herbicides to control weeds.

We treat everyone’s property as if it was our own with respect and care our aim being to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition with the job well done.

If you don't see what you want listed, please contact us and we will be willing to help where we can.

Quotes are free and can be arranged at a time to suit you with advice and recommendations available if required. No job to big or to small.